Kym’s Kids is a great program especially when trying to stay away from negative things. I made great memories. I really matured. My favorite was when we went to Lighthouse for the Blind to work with disabled people. It inspired me that everything was going to be alright in my life because if they can do it, I can too. I would tell anyone considering participating in Kym’s Kids to do it because it is life-changing.

Amy Castro – Kym’s Kids Post-Graduate

Kym’s Kids was an amazing experience. I got to meet new people especially at the events. It’s not just community service, it’s helping people. The scholarship helped me a lot because paying for college isn’t easy. Kym’s Kids motivated me to keep good grades and maintain my community service hours. I really appreciate the staff staying on top of everything to ensure I was successful. I would tell other students considering Kym’s Kids they definitely have to participate and their hard work pays off. Kym’s Kids is a blessing. If I knew about it earlier I would have started my freshman year.

Gloria Nanduhura- Kym’s Kids Post-Graduate

I had a really good experience. I got to meet new people and get closer to organizations and business so I can continue community service. My favorite part of Kym’s Kids was the fact that I was able to do something I love every weekend (volunteer). Kym’s Kids helped me do more of it. I’m a real people person and people pleaser. Kym’s Kids allowed me to pursue that. Everyone has a story. When those in need have one you want to know more about them. I would tell anyone considering Kym’s Kids that it is a great experience that enables them to expand their imagination of things in the real world. Being able to volunteer different places opens your eyes to people struggling and you can really help make a big difference.

Madison Wilbur – Kym’s Kids Senior

I’ve been in Kym’s Kids since my sophomore year in high school. I am now a sophomore in college and I still consider the program to be a big part of my life. Without scholarships I wouldn’t have been able to go to college. But beyond reaching my own goals the program showed me that dedicating a few hours of my own time to help other people can help them reach their goals too. And that was an even better feeling than knowing my college is paid for.

Misha Ramirez – Kym’s Kids Post-Graduate

Talking to new people helped me along the way to actually be brave and talk to people. It’s taught me a couple of things about being a good person and being generous. At the Alamodome doing registration for the Rock and Roll Marathon I got to talk to people form different countries and get to know them better. At that event I learned how to talk to new people and not be afraid to do the events. They are not that bad. They are very fun to attend. They teach you important things along the way like learning to plan ahead, organizing with other people and help you socialize and work with others.

Antonio Martinez – Kym’s Kids Senior

Kym’s Kids allowed me to see a bunch of people that didn’t have as much as I had. Even though I didn’t have a lot I had more than other people, that made me grateful for the life I had so far. It allowed me to show my giving side and give back in my own way by volunteering at the homeless shelter or habitat for humanity. It got me more involved in my school, they didn’t even have to tell me to get involved. I give back to communities where I make my home. When I lived in San Antonio I gave back to that community. Now, Schreiner is my home so I give back to that community because our communities do so much for us.

Andrew Arnold – Kym’s Kids Post-Grad

I learned something that can be meaningless for us could be very important for others. I’m gaining experience working as a team through Kym’s Kids because we help each other out.

Kelly Badillo – Kym’s Kids Junior

I learned that when a community comes together we can do great things for others that need help. Working together, being patient and communicating with others can help accomplish more.

Magdalynn Moreno – Kym’s Kids Senior

I learned the importance of family. A lot of people take their family for granted but being here hearing children laugh and have a good time with their family brought warmth to my heart and a smile to my face. Through Kym’s Kids I learned the skill of being social. I’m not very social but talking to other volunteers and parents made me get out of my shell and that will help me all throughout my life.

Emily Judkins – Kym’s Kids Senior

I learned that volunteering really puts a smile to people’s faces. It’s a chance to inspire someone or make someone happy. I saw many children’s happy faces today. Through Kym’s Kids I have acquired patience and skills that promote hard work.

Victoria Izaac – Kym’s Kids Junior

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