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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a global nonprofit organization that operates with one guiding principle: Hold students accountable to the highest standards, provide academic and social support, and they will rise to the challenge. AVID’s kindergarten through higher education system brings research-based curriculum and strategies to students each day that develop critical thinking, literacy, and math skills across all content areas.

For more than 30 years, AVID has prepared students for college readiness and success. From its beginnings in one classroom with 32 students in San Diego, it now impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of students throughout the United States and the world. At its sites, AVID affects leadership, systems, instruction, and culture.

Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio

The Boys Clubs opened in San Antonio in 1939 and was located on Dolorosa Street.  Over the years the clubs grew in stature, membership and facilities.  So much that in 1963, Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez presented then President John F. Kennedy with a gavel and handmade box created by the members in their woodworking shop.  In 1976, girls were invited to become members and the name of the clubs was officially changed in 1991 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio.

Through the decades the programming and facilities have improved but the mission has remained the same.  Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio’s mission is to enhance the educational, social, and moral development of San Antonio’s youth ages 6-18, especially those most disadvantaged by providing a fun, safe place full of age appropriate activities and opportunities.  Through the professional staff, thriving facilities, dynamic volunteers, and strong links to the community, the clubs provide professionally designed youth development programs.

KIPP Aspire Academy

KIPP Aspire Academy is a free public middle school (grades 5th – 8th). Its mission is to help students cultivate the academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits necessary to be successful in the top quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond.
KIPP Aspire Academy opened in 2003, and over the last seven years, its students have consistently achieved significant gains on the state and national standardized exams. Students who entered Aspire Academy nearly two grade levels below grade levels in the 5th grade have doubled their reading scores and have ranked in the top 10 percent of students nationally in math.

Aspire Academy’s goal is that every student will go to college! To make this happen, KIPP has an undying expectation that all students will learn! Through the belief that there are no excuses, students learn the benefits of hard work ethic, being nice, and what it means to be part of a team and family! KIPP schools are nationally recognized for their successful approach to educating students from under-resourced communities. Nationally, 80 percent of KIPP alumni who graduated KIPP in the eighth grade have enrolled in college, as compared to community averages of less than 20 percent

KIPP Camino

KIPP Camino Academy’s mission is to help students from educationally underserved communities develop the mindsets, character, knowledge, and habits needed to succeed in college and the world beyond.

Opened in the fall of 2010, KIPP Camino Academy is a tuition-free college preparatory middle school.  We started with 110 fifth graders and have added additional grade levels each year. The 2013-2014 school year marked the first year as a full middle school (5th-8th grade). During the 2014-2015 school year, we will be serving approximately 450 students and helping them get to and through college! At KIPP Camino Academy it is our promise that we will help your student be on the path to and through college. We provide excellent teachers with excellent results in the classroom. It is our goal to provide your child with a quality and excellent education that will put them on the path to transformational change.

KIPP U-Prep High School

KIPP University Prep opened in 2009 to equip students with the academic knowledge and skills necessary to excel in college and to support youngsters in living ethically, commanding their future, changing their communities and succeeding in our global society. The college preparatory school assists low income students from underserved neighborhoods and their families in pursuit of academic excellence and a college degree.

Magnet School Programs – San Antonio Independent School District

SAISD offers a wide variety of choices in education, particularly through its magnet programs: encompassing programs for high school and middle school students. We understand that education is not a “one size fits all” package, so we offer a breadth of programs to allow students to develop their talents or pursue special interests and career goals such as technology, public service, International Baccalaureate and language immersion. These special learning programs are available to students across Bexar County, those living within and outside the SAISD District. Come find out more about our offerings, and find a program that will ignite your child’s passion for learning.

St. Gerard Catholic High School

St. Gerard Catholic High School has been in existence since 1927, graduating students who have gone on to serve in religious life, the medical profession, local and state politics, social services, law enforcement, the field of labor relations and the business world at large.
St. Gerard offers an excellent high school curriculum with small class sizes to maximize success. Ninety-one percent of graduates go on to college with many Seniors taking Educational and Technical courses for dual credits at St. Philips College.
St. Gerard juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in St. Philip College dual credit program; as well as its Southwest Campus Academies, Information Technology and Security Academy, Alamo Area Aerospace Academy, and Manufacturing Technology Academy.

San Antonio Education Partnership

Every year the San Antonio Education Partnership provides more than $2 million in needs-based scholarships and services to more than 30,000 students at 25 target area high schools in 8 school districts through its Road to Success program. We serve an additional 4,000+ students through cafécollege.

Formed in 1989, the San Antonio Education Partnership was created to address the issue of inadequate high school completion and performance rates by at-risk students in San Antonio. With a growing concern that a poorly educated workforce would severely limit the city’s economic prospects, San Antonio leaders from five major groups came together to create the Partnership. The five major groups include: The City of San Antonio; the corporate sector; local colleges and universities; schools and school districts; and, Communities Organized for Public Service (C.O.P.S.) and Metro Alliance, both local community organizations.

Since 1989, the underrepresented and underserved students in San Antonio have been given the opportunity and confidence by the San Antonio Education Partnership to experience the dream and success of attending and graduating from college.

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I’ve been in Kym’s Kids since my sophomore year in high school. I am now a sophomore in college and I still consider the program to be a big part of my life. Without scholarships I wouldn’t have been able to go to college.

Marisa Ramirez - Kym's Kids Post-Graduate

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