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What is Kym’s Kids SA?

Kym’s Kids SA is a non- profit organization created to help students in Bexar County earn scholarships based on their community service.

Who founded Kym’s Kids SA?

Kym’s Kids SA was founded by Kym Rapier, a San Antonio business professional and philanthropist. She and her husband, Dr. George Rapier, are committed to helping people in need.

Who can join?

To become a Kym’s Kid, you must be a member of one of our following partnered organizations:

  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  • Travis Early College High School
  • KIPP: University Prep High School
  • Hawthorne Middle School
  • Gear UP: Gus Garcia & Wrenn Middle Schools

The San Antonio Education Partnership
(We only work with the following 10 out of 27 SAEP  schools, please make sure you attend one of these 10 public schools)

  • SAEP- Burbank High School
  • SAEP- Churchill High School
  • SAEP- Holmes High School
  • SAEP- John Jay High School
  • SAEP- Johnson High School
  • SAEP- Reagan High School
  • SAEP- Roosevelt High School
  • SAEP- Sam Houston High School
  • SAEP- South San High School
  • SAEP- Southside High School

If you would like to recommend an organization for us to work with, please contact Marisa@kymskidssa.org

Why are grades, attendance and behavior the measurements you track?

Kym’s Kids wants our students to succeed in school and in life. While we will support our youth with programs that can help with their success, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to step up and take ownership of their own performance. Grades and attendance are easy measures to track. Behavior is the input that is reported back to us from school counselors and teachers. A student that is attending school, applying themselves and is attentive in their classroom is going to have a much better chance at succeeding.

How does the program work?

Students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service in the 8th grade. The volunteer hours increase to 80 hours in the 12th grade. The amount of scholarship money accumulated is cumulative, so a student who joins in the 8th grade and continues through 12th grade can accumulate $3,300 in scholarship money. Students can continue to accumulate scholarship money after high school graduation if they continue with Kym’s Kids and their sponsoring organization agrees to track their hours.

GradeHoursMin. GPAMin. AttendancePossible Scholarship

What schools are you currently working with?

The Kym’s Kids program is open to various schools. Our program is open to any student (given they meet income restrictions) and is willing to step up to meet the challenge of being a Kym’s Kid.

How do I become a Kym’s Kid?

To become a Kym’s Kid, you must belong to a partnering organization.

How does my agency become a Kym’s Kids partner?

To become a partner, please contact our office to discuss how we can develop a partnership.

How can I donate?

Kym’s Kids of San Antonio welcomes financial support from the community. If you want to assist us monetarily with a tax deductible donation please go to our Donations page. If you have items you wish to donate, please contact our office or send an email to Questions@KymsKidsSA.org to make arrangements for your donation.

What Kym's Kids Say

Kym’s Kids was an amazing experience. I got to meet new people, especially at the events. It’s not just community service, it’s helping people. The scholarship helped me a lot because paying for college isn’t easy.

Gloria Nanduhura - Kym's Kids Post-Graduate

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