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Kym’s Kids of San Antonio is a scholarship based program that engages youths in their local community through volunteerism and combines performance in school (grades, attendance and behavior) to create a winning situation for the students in the program, their schools and the neighborhoods they call home.

In October of 2010, our founder Kymberly Rapier awoke from a dream that inspired her to create Kym’s Kids of San Antonio. The idea was simple: help under-served, under privileged youth achieve their goal of a higher education using volunteerism as the mechanism. So from that dream a journey began. Hosting strategy meetings in the living room of her home, Kym sought input from other agencies that work closely with the demographic she wants to help. Through Kym’s dedication, hard-work and passion for helping underserved and underprivileged youth achieve their educational pursuits, that living room has now moved to the organization’s new home located at 103 W. Ashby Place, near downtown San Antonio. From this journey what was once a dream became known as Kym’s Kids of San Antonio.

Kym’s Kids participants are helping others in their community, while at the same time helping themselves. We have seen first-hand that volunteering increases self-confidence and provides valuable life experience and skills. Though Kym’s Kids participants accumulate scholarship money for college, one simply cannot put a dollar amount on life experiences and skills gained through volunteerism. It is truly a win-win situation.

What Kym's Kids Say

Kym’s Kids was an amazing experience. I got to meet new people, especially at the events. It’s not just community service, it’s helping people. The scholarship helped me a lot because paying for college isn’t easy.

Gloria Nanduhura - Kym's Kids Post-Graduate

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