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Kym’s Kids of San Antonio participants work closely in the communities they live in to create opportunities for impact through volunteer service. Whether it’s sorting canned goods at a food pantry, comforting an animal as it comes from surgery, assisting the elderly at a local community center, or feeding the less fortunate, Kym’s Kids of San Antonio seeks to create a better community. Working with local schools to track performance (grades, attendance and behavior), Kym’s Kids participants are accountable for meeting the necessary requirements needed to accumulate the scholarship fund. They truly do manage their own futures here. Kym’s Kids of San Antonio works with its students by using the existing support networks available through our partner agencies along with our own custom support program. Kym’s Kids wants all of our students to succeed. Success today means a better tomorrow.

Partnering with the following organizations: NEISD AVID Programs – various school districts, Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio, Holy Cross of San Antonio, KIPP San Antonio, Magnet School Programs – Various schools in San Antonio Independent School District, The San Antonio Education Partnership and St. Gerard Catholic School, Kym’s Kids seeks to identify and serve underprivileged youth in our school system and inspire them to continue their education and professional pursuits after high school by following a track that is right for them and enhances their knowledge and skill sets.

We believe by volunteering our students are helping others while they are helping themselves. It is well known that volunteer opportunities increase self-confidence and provide valuable life experiences and skills. Though Kym’s Kids participants accumulate scholarship money for college, you can’t put a dollar amount on the life experiences and skills gained through volunteerism. It truly is a win-win situation.

What Kym's Kids Say

Being able to volunteer at different places opens your eyes to people struggling and you can really help make a big difference.

Madison Wilbur - Kym's Kids Senior

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